How To Care For Your Linen Napkins; Ours And Our Customers Tops Tips

As with most things in our lives, if we take care of them, they will love us back, and this applies to our linen napkins! We’ve created a range that can be personalised to both your theme, and colour scheme and we want them to last event after event. Our followers and customers have helped us on this one and, alongside us, have given their top tips on how they care for their linen napkins. So, here are ours and their top tips…

Blue and White Monogram


The Embroidered Napkin Company – General laundering advice for our cotton and linen napkins

Our general advice for washing all of cotton and linen napkins, is to use a gentle wash at a low temperature. Either use a tumble dryer on a low temperature or allow to dry naturally until damp, then iron on the reverse of the napkin.

From Heidi – The Embroidered Napkin Company

  • I wash napkins on a gentle wash in the washing machine with our normal detergent, I then pop in tumble dryer on low heat until they are just damp (usually about 20 minutes).
  • For a soft finish, reshape when you take out of the tumble dryer, lay out flat and allow to finish drying naturally.
  • For a more formal finish, reshape when you remove from the trouble dryer damp, spray starch and iron whilst still damp. 
  • Iron the napkins on the reverse of the embroidery, and gently pull taught as you iron the embroidery to avoid puckering around the stitches.
  • Don’t bleach our embroidered napkins, as the colour will fade on the stitches.

Bonnie Tables

Keep a stain remover pen in the kitchen draw and treat any stains on the napkins when clearing the table.

The Bobbin Mouse

I popped mine in the normal cool wash and they came out looking great. Quick spray with water when ironing.

How To Care For Your Linen Napkins; Ours And Our Customers Tops Tips


Kristen Craig Garner

Iron the embroidery face down on a face cloth so the embroidery is pretty and not squished. I learned that as a child earning tiny amounts of money ironing. I still have some of the monogrammed things of my mother’s I ironed as a child. Pretty sure that’s when I started to love monograms!

vintage monogrammed napkins


Prettywishes Home

I like a crisp look so spray with water when ironing.

Peonies By Pearl

Obviously wash separately, not even with like colours and always a spray starch keeps the linen from dropping for a better fold.

Floral Crest Monogram Napkins



From the washing machine, smooth, shape, roll. Place in a ziplock bag and freeze! When you need them, take them out of the freezer and iron them. They’ll iron more easily and will look great!

Thicket Priory Wedding styled shoot


A huge thanks to our Instagram followers and customers for their top tips!

If you have any more questions, or would like to order some of our Linen napkins, get in touch here!

The Embroidered Napkin Company x

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